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The glass jewels of the Impiraressa are online!

Marisa Convento nel laboratorio di artigiana residente a Bottega Cini Impiraressa

Here I am, Signed, sealed, delivered; I am yours!

It took a long time and a lot of patience on the part of those who helped me like my friend Monica Cesarato.

Almost two years, with long stops, because many things have happened in my life, even good ones, that have taken my time and my attention.

Now, finally, the Venetian Dreams site is reborn and it is also e-commerce for my Venetian glass jewels.


coralli di perle di vetro Marisa Convento Impiraressa
Hands and seed beads, like magic

Venetian Beads love to travel to you

The health crisis has increased the distance between us and undermined our security; is a situation that no one could have predicted.

Each of us is forced to react and change everything, to ensure that important things remain the same.

If we cannot move, objects will do it for us and this will make us feel closer.


ciondolo corallo a Bottega Cini Venezia Marisa Convento Impiraressa
The corals of the Impiraressa Marisa created at Bottega Cini


My atelier at Bottega Cini

For more than a year I have not been in the shop in Calle della Mandola where some of you met me.

In fact, since June 2020 my Impiraressa workshop is at Bottega Cini.

It is a new concept store of cultural gifts of the Culture Mile in Dorsorduro.

You can find it easily, it is between the Accademia and the Collezione Guggenheim, opposite Palazzo Cini.


Marisa Convento nel laboratorio di artigiana residente a Bottega Cini
Marisa Convento, Impiraressa, resident artisan at Bottega Cini

The Renaissance of the Venetian Artisans

Bottega Cini is a completely new space, born from a collaboration between  The Merchant of Venice, creators of fragrances inspired by the “Mude” (the routes of the ancient caravans of Venetian ships) and the Vittorio Cini Archive Foundation.

A stupendous variety of local craftsmanship excellences are represented there, from Murano glass to silk.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be present as a resident craftsman in a space so new and at the same time classic, so much so that it is rightly defined as Renaissance.

This is why an artisan like me is hosted inside.

But due to the pandemic emergency, we may not be always in this magical place, in compliance with the local rules.

I recommend to check before coming to visit us, let’s try to respect common health.


I gioielli in vetro dell'impiraressa Marisa Convento si trovano presso Bottega Cini ottega
Un onore avere i miei gioielli in vetro veneziano esposti in vetrina nella prestigiosa Bottega Cini


Marisa Convento.it is also a Blog:

Social distancing must only be physical, but with this blog of mine we can be closer.

What will we talk about? You will be the ones to suggest me what to write about, with your questions and curiosities.

I will be here for you. You can write me an mail, send me a message on whatsapp, put a comment on Instagram and Facebook.

The beauty of the web is at our disposal.


Venetian Dreams-Marisa Convento è anche un blog
Happy to be able to be even closer to you with the blog Venetian Dreams

For those who are far away and for those who are near.

Even when we can go back to hugging, I will always be here with you and with my beloved Venetian beads.

You and them, you are my fixed points, even in a world that is stingy with certainties.

I love you all!

Welcome to my world,

Marisa Convento

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  1. Hello Marisa …
    Your words are beautiful and inspiring not to mention the amazing pieces of Art & History you are creating. It is my wish to someday own a Tutti Fruitti necklace or bracelet but until then I dream by following you on Instagram .
    THANK YOU doe for sharing your passion, respect and honoring your craft. The World needs more artist like you ! 💕. I look forward to seeing your work up close & in person when this crazy world calms down and we beat this virus once and for all!!!!
    Sending Love from the 🇺🇸

    1. It makes me happy Tracey to hear that I can be of a little help during this very challenging period. Let’s really hope we can meet in person soon! <3

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